Friday, 6 January 2012


Guess what? Life is so not about a constant struggle with dieting!

No more low fat foods with ingredients you can't pronounce, no more 'diet' soft drink, no more 'lite' salad dressing, no more fake sweetener.

That stuff is all bad for you! You know what the secret is to eating healthy and losing weight? Real food. Natural food. Amazing food. Food from nature.

I totally believe the secret to extending our lives, increasing our energy and jolting our happiness out of this world, is to eat natural whole foods!

I'm usually making good choices, however portion size is my downfall. Recently I embarked on a rather time-consuming diet of counting calories, weighing everything and tried to stay under 1300 calories a day.

All whilst thinking, "Diet Coke has no calories, isn't that great? And I wonder which chocolate bar has the lowest calories..." when I thought, there is NO way that doing this can any better for me than eating lots of natural foods from the earth.

Sure, it's okay to eat stuff in moderation, but the basis of the foods we eat in our everyday lifestyle need to be simple, easy to prepare foods that are packed full of goodness.

The purpose of this blog is to create low calorie yet still delicious meals, and share them on here.

And if no-one reads this, well at least I have a great digital recipe book!

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