Friday, 6 January 2012


So this is what I've been doing for the past week. It is driving me insane; however, I've replaced all the diet soft drinks, light dressing, sugary yoghurt with healthier, natural foods.

Whilst it's working and I have lost weight, it's extremely hard to keep up. However, I'm going well, and it's prompting me to really think about my portion size - that is the most important reason why I am still counting calories.

This is what I ate today - and yes, I weighed most of it.


  1. i despise counting calories, but i know it is good to do. i tried it for like a 2 days before christmas. i guess i should try again. its crazy what recording what you eat will do for cutting back calories. just like how recording your exercise makes you exercise a lot more.

  2. It definitely works and even if you just keep a food diary, it helps you realise exactly what you're eating! Plus, finding out the calories in foods is very beneficial too as it can certainly control portion sizes. I like the idea of recording exercise; will give that one a go!